THE CONCRETE JUNGLE was my 2nd strip for The New Paper. I’d decided to stop working for The New Paper in 1991, when I had to leave for my first year in University College London. But when my replacement cartoonist didn’t work out, my editor asked me back. Needing the extra cash, I came up with this anthropomorphic strip. Somehow, using funny animals enabled me to get sharper, while seeming more benign. It won the title of “favourite local strip” in a 1995 poll by The New Paper (the only one to date).  The strip was about the travails of Arnold Meng, a beleaguered G.P. teacher in Bukit Junior College, with occasional tangents.  It ran, amazingly, from late 1991 to 2005. It’s never been compiled, and I’ve been too lazy to dig through my archives and scan the (probably mouldering) cartoons to do the compiling. Maybe someday. There are some pieces which would be considered quite daring for the time, some of which led directly to my leaving for New York. A tale for another time… In the meantime, here are some samples.

TO BE CONTINUED… when I rustle up the time!